Affordable Homes

Decent Houses Without Breaking the Bank

Finding a home that will fit your lifestyle can be difficult but Mosaica 601 makes it possible for you. Our community is safe and has all the convenience to offer. It has spacious bedrooms, kitchen, and living room, plus a mini garden where you can spend coffee breaks in the afternoon.

Perfect Community of Artists

If you decided to pursue your dreams in making your masterpieces and crafts, it could be a rough road to take at first as you still need to make a living but  if you are supported by the community where you live, the path would be easier. Mosaica 601 offers you affordable homes yet introduces you to a fantastic community of artists like you.

A Great Place to Start Your Business

The location of Mosaica 601 has many opportunities to offer for starting entrepreneurs. There are so many needs waiting to be met and the best part is, the people in the community are generous enough to help you thrive in hardest times of your business. The people here are full of passion, they believe that everyone should do whats’s in your heart. Living in this community is a life changer no one should miss.

Check Reviews About This Wonderful Community

Not sure yet whether Mosaica 601 is the perfect community for you? Then check reviews about us.