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Design & Construction

You are the Priority

Mosaica 601 prioritize the residence comfort needs. During the designing of the building, they have surveyed residence about their preference and what are the things that their ideal homes have. And here are things we got from the survey.

Walkable Community

We all want to go out for a walk to exercise or simply just to get some fresh air. So we made sure that it is covered during the design of the building. We situated the building near free admission parks to let everyone enjoy their afternoon.

Hassle Free Parking

Who hates parking problems? We do as well. Mosaica 601 has parking provisions for everyone. You no longer need spend enormous time just to find a parking space because we got it covered for you.

Laundry Area

Surprisingly, according to the people we surveyed, they are dissatisfied with their house’s laundry area because it doesn’t have the features to make laundry easy. Because of the demands of our potential residence, we made sure that the laundry area has all the features you need. It is washing machine ready, there is enough faucet situated in the right spots, and has drying and folding area for heavy loads.

Ready to Design Your New Home?

The best part of moving aside from the new environment it has to offer, is the designing of your new home. No idea where to start? Read this articles to get a new concept that you might be interested in.